Witches Ride of Ocean Springs

What date is the ride?

You can find out this year’s ride date here.

Do you have a theme?

In 2023 we introduced our first theme! Participants do not have to choose to participate in the theme, but we encourage witches who need some creative inspiration or who have joined us for multiple years and want some variety to join us in this year’s theme! You can soon find out this year’s theme here.

What if I don’t have a bike?

We welcome walkers, but we cannot allow motorized scooters, skateboards, scooters, or Onewheels. We welcome individuals who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs (manual or power-driven) and manually powered devices.

Can I drive my golf cart?

In 2023 we were able to allow 15 golf cart registrations among the participants. Each golf cart must register on our website in order to participate. They will receive a windshield decal that will allow them in the procession. All drivers and passengers must be registered as Witches Ride participants in order to ride on the registered golf carts.

How long is the route?

The current route is a little over half a mile.

Golf cart/participant registrations sold out will more open up?

If any events show as sold out on our website, that means they have met the maximum. Due to safety limits and restrictions, we will not have any additional spots to release afterwards.

The event sold out, can I donate and still join the ride even if I haven’t registered?

Unfortunately no. Due to safety parameters, the event is only open to registered participants who will receive a wristband at event checkin.

Where can I park?

Ocean Springs Lumber, Freedom Field, Ocean Springs Library, The Lady May/Behind Mosaic, First Baptist Church, Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce/Train Depot

Can I give out and candy/throws?

Yes, except there can be NO hard candy allowed (to be a good steward to the Ocean Springs streets, and follow the City of Ocean Springs rules). Your throws will bring cheer to young and old along the route! While the route is not long, there will be MANY people along the route so we suggest that you bring more than you think you need! in 2024 we agreed to ban plastic beads as we strive for sustainability and ways to keep the streets as clean as possible for the beautiful City of Ocean Springs!

Which Charities receive the proceeds?

Visit our Charities page here to see our previous recipients!

Do you have any tips for the Flying witches?

We suggest that if you ride your “broom cycle” that you use a strap for your hat. Flying witches sometimes have difficulty keeping their hats on! Flying witches also sometimes have difficulty flying and throwing, so perhaps think of adding training wheels to your “broomcycle”! Additional tips for flying witches: make sure your costume won’t get caught in your spokes, and consider adding lights to your “broomcycle” to be festive and illuminate the ride!

What is the Witches Ride route?

As the event nears, you can find the Ride Route here.

What if it rains?

Please note: this event is a fundraiser for local animal welfare and there is NOT an option for refunds. Monies collected will go to local animal welfare groups regardless of the completion of the event. 

Can I get a refund?

Please note: this event is a fundraiser for local animal welfare and there is NOT an option for refunds. Monies collected will go to local animal welfare groups regardless. The only exception is for the Monster Birthday Bash Brunch: If the event minimum is not met prior to the event, refunds will be issued.

Are you accepting sponsorships?

Yes! Please view our Sponsorships page here!

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